Some Sunny Day (February 2017)


15th, 16th & 17th February 2017

at St. Edward’s Senior School Performance Hall, Cirencester Road, Cheltenham.

 Full photographic storybook – the show from start to finish>>

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‘Some Sunny Day’ Showcase 13 October 2016

Exhibition of clothing, household items, publications, personal memorabilia and other things from WW2 and the 1940s.  Exhibition also opened Friday 17th Feb 2pm-4pm.

‘Some Sunny Day’ Showcase 13 October 2016

 “Some Sunny Day”  presented songs of the period linked with ‘stories’ of WW2 and the 40s. We assembled an extensive collection of stories, photographs, anecdotes for the script and interesting items from the period. The stories included the very funny, serious accounts of men and women who lost their lives, and what people and school children did to support the war effort. There was poetry; there was prose; there were galleries which told a story. Nearly all the material had been supplied by local people and most had not been published  before.

There were opportunities for the audience to join in familiar songs.

‘Some Sunny Day’ Showcase 13 October 2016

‘Some Sunny Day’ Showcase 13 October 2016

There was a drama linking the items. It is the Spring of 1947. The War ended nearly two years ago and the boys and girls have finally been demobbed. The country has just been through the bad winter of 1946-7. The Village (Charlton St. Mary’s) wants a celebration show in early summer so a Committee has been set up. They want to outdo the neighbouring village of Little Binding!  We were eavesdropping on the Committee as they worked on the show and remembered what they’d been through.


The characters in the drama were:

The Committee

Col Frederick Brown (Rtd), Chairman: Peter Grainger

Mrs Elizabeth Witheny, a pillar of the community: Lynne Glover

Miss Mabel Johnson, a land girl during the war, now works in a shop:  Harriet Eavers

The other characters

Mrs Gloria Mott, the Village Hall caretaker: Sue Drinkwater

Constable Frank Thomas, the Village bobby:  Don Goold

Others were doing readings, singing and providing musical interludes – all in costume. There was a joyful conclusion to the whole show.

Research & Development:  Sandra Jeans

Musical Directors: Carol Davies, Peter Simpson

Director: Martyn Fry

Producer: Tony Jeans

A Showcase event was held in October 2016 to preview the show and photographs are available at
The Charlton Kings Film Society screened as part of its comprehensive programme, the WW2 film ‘Mrs Miniver’  on Friday 10 February 2017 in the Sacred Hearts Church Hall, Moorend Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.  We are grateful for their support.  See: