The Rivals – The cast


Sir ANTHONY ABSOLUTE – a wealthy baronet who likes to get his own way
Martyn Fry

CAPTAIN JACK ABSOLUTE – his son, in pursuit of Lydia while masquerading as
“Ensign Beverley”
Michael Robson

FAULKLAND – Jack’s friend, in love with Julia but suspicious and lacking in
Helen Roberts

BOB ACRES – a country bumpkin, neighbour of Sir Anthony also in pursuit of Lydia.
Tim Blakey

Sir LUCIUS O’TRIGGER – an Irish gentleman of high honour but poor finance. He thinks he is in romantic correspondence with Lydia but is being deceived.
Geoff Ramshaw

FAG – servant to Captain Absolute.
John Palmer

Mrs PICKLE – housekeeper to Bob Acres.
Sue Drinkwater

THOMAS – servant to Sir Anthony.
Tim Masling

Mrs. MALAPROP – a widow with  strong moral views and designs on Sir Lucius. Her use of language is extravagant but inaccurate.
Jane Jones

LYDIA LANGUISH – her niece; much engaged with romantic fiction and     passionate about “Beverley”.
Bethie Connor

JULIA MELVILLE – a sensible young woman and friend of  Lydia. She is part of Sir Anthony’s entourage and loyal to Faulkland despite his tiresome behaviour.
Melody Davies

LUCY – servant to Mrs Malaprop and a go-between; plays simple but isn’t!
Alison Talbot

Sylvia Fry

Molly Powell

MAID at Mrs Malaprop’s lodging
Debbie Masling

MAID at Mr Acre’s lodgings
Jane Kane