The Ghost Train & The 39 Steps (August 2013)


Thursday & Friday 29-30th August 2013

7.30pm, Sacred Hearts Hall, Moorend Rd, Charlton Kings.

Produced and Directed by Luke Drinkwater and Andrew Laver

The Ghost Train

“It never starts from Truro an’ never runs into St. Blande. If it be a natural thing – where do it come from… where do it go?”

These are the haunting words spoken by the lonely Station master before he leaves them to their fateful night and the Ghost Train!

A group of passengers find themselves stranded at a lonely Great Western Railway station in the middle of Cornwall on a cold, dark stormy night.

With no hope of travelling any further that night they must stay in the waiting room of the old station until morning. But this station holds a dark terrifying secret. Ever since a horrific train crash claimed the lives of 8 people the station has been haunted by their ghosts. And anyone who sees the Ghost Train immediately dies!

Who is the mysterious Ted Holmes? Who is that ghostly figure walking the platform? Who will survive the night?


The 39 Steps

(Read as a ‘Live’ radio show)

A chance encounter and the life of Richard Hannay is thrown into a world of police chases, international intrigue, spy rings and murder!

The debonair bachelor Richard Hannay meets a beautiful female spy only to have her murdered in his home a few hours later.

Framed for her murder he must escape and find the mysterious ‘Chief’ an international spy renowned for many disguises and deadly reputation.

What are the 39 Steps? Why is it so important to the nations security? How can Richard Hannay clear his name? Who will believe his story?