“Let Us Be Merry” 2020 – Virtual Choir


These are the files you’ll need to download if you’d like to contribute to the choir:


Silent Night

Silent Night (score with words).pdf

- This is the words and music with harmony parts


Silent Night.mp3

 - This is the backing track for singers and musicians to play along to.


I Saw Three Ships


I Saw Three Ships (words).pdf

- The words for all 9 verses, for those who are just going to sing the tune


I Saw Three Ships (score).pdf 

- The score, for those that want to try the harmony or descant for two of the verses


I Saw Three Ships.mp3

- The backing track


While Shepherds Watched


While Shepherds Watched (synthesized).mp3

- A synthesized rendering of the four parts for this unfamiliar version of the carol


While Shepherds Watched (score with words).pdf

 - The score and words for all six verses


While shepherds watched.mp3

 - The backing track



Instructions for preparing your contribution:


Firstly, for each carol you wish to contribute, you will need to download the score/lyrics and the backing track from the list above. You will have a choice of words only or the full score to use for each piece. Depending on your musical experience will depend on what is useful to you, and if you intend to sing parts or just the tune.

You then need to make a video of yourself (and anyone else you can persuade to do it) singing/playing along to the backing track.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, please listen to the track through headphones whilst you are being videoed.   That way we only get your voice on the video and not the backing. You therefore need 2 devices to do this.  If you really can’t do this then keep the backing track as quiet as possible – it’s you we want to hear! When recording, please start your recording before starting the backing track - I know it’s tempting to do it the other way round, but we will then loose the start of your video. Please record each song in a separate video.

Once you have created your video you can send it to me via WeTransfer (https://wetransfer.com) - use my email address ckcp@pjryan.me.uk for this purpose.  You can also send it via WhatsApp if you have it  - you will find me there under 07851 729523 from a mobile device. In most cases the files might be too big to email but sometimes ISPs will allow large files to be sent. There are also other ways we can get it to us - so if you are having problems, please do drop us an email or give us call. The deadline for video submissions is 31st October.