A Man For This Season (March 2013)

‘A Man For This Season’ 

 Written and Directed by Peter Grainger

Performed Tuesday 26th March –Thursday 28th March 2013  in Sacred Heart’s Hall, Charlton Kings.









In Holy Week 2013 the Charlton Kings Community Players, supported by the Charlton Kings Churches, put on three performances of this contemporary Passion Play in Sacred Hearts Hall, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.   The play was written and directed by Peter Grainger, who also wrote and directed the remarkable ‘Whose Birthday Did You Say?’ for the Millennium.

The challenge of the play has been to examine how far the last days of the Jesus Christ have a relevance to a community like ours today.  Could we re-stage each step of the biblical Passion story in an environment of here and now, and make the result an entertaining and thought-provoking drama for the widest of audiences? 

The Story: Josh is a charismatic young man who has gathered around himself a small group of people, mostly young, who are becoming increasingly concerned about the state of society today.  They believe they should be doing something about it by engaging with the public face-to-face.  Without much success in the Town Centre they come in hope to Charlton Kings.  Unfortunately they meet rather more resistance in the community than they expect.

The reactions of the audiences to the dramatic happenings on stage were extraordinary, with frequent comments such as ‘amazing’, ‘thought-provoking’, ‘memorable’ and ‘moving’.  ’I could never have guessed how wonderful it would be.’

With a cast of 26, aged from 12 to 70+ and drawn from the Baptist, Catholic and Anglican Churches in Charlton Kings – and none!  It was a real ecumenical project and a special experience.  One non-Christian wrote, ”Even I can see that it’s inspired and inspiring.”, and a local international guitarist was moved to write a piece to accompany the ‘Resurrection’ scene that we added.

Peter Grainger

If any churches or groups would like to consider putting on all or parts of the play, the script is available with appropriate illustrations and stage directions from the Cheltenham production. Space has been made available for local and topical references to be added.

email Peter Grainger at petgra274@yahoo.co.uk or telephone: 01242-526947.

The cost of script + own copies is postage only until Easter 2014

or by digital download (28 x A4 pages).