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Play Readings 

restart on Wednesday 10th May




Annual General Meeting 2017

was at 7:30pm on Wednesday 26 April 2017 at the Baptist Church, Charlton Kings

Details to follow shortly


Charlton Kings Churches, “Walk of Witness”

was on Good Friday 14 April 2017

“The Newcomer” by Paul Burbridge and Murray Watts

© 1995 Paul Burbridge and Murray Watts. Performed under licence from
“The Best Time to Act” – classic sketches from Riding Lights repertoire.



Some Sunny Day 

Our Latest Show –  15th, 16th & 17th February 2017

St. Edward’s Senior School Performance Hall, Cirencester Road, Cheltenham.

Details of the show>>


Our previous event was

lubm-logo4Let Us Be Merry – Travelling to Christmas 2016

This highly popular community production was at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 7th December 2016 in Sacred Hearts Hall, Moorend Road, Charlton Kings.

It was a joyful evening with music, songs and carols, poems and readings both funny and serious, and mince pies and drinks in the interval.

Thanks to all who contributed and to our responsive audience.

From ticket sales we raised over £600 towards future productions and local charities.




Showcase Event

giving a foretaste of our next big show

‘Some Sunny Day’

 was held on Thursday 13th October 2016 at St Edward’s School, Cirencester Road, Charlton Kings.


 (We were supported by the Performing Rights Society who give us a 100% discount on the license for the show in recognition of the Players as a voluntary community organisation.)


Our Annual General Meeting 2016

was at 7:30pm on Wednesday 27 April 2016 at the Baptist Church, Charlton Kings

Minutes of the meeting>>


Street Drama on Good Friday

The Players presented a short piece of Street Drama – “The Two Marys” – during the CK Churches’ Walk of Witness on Good Friday, 25th March 2016.